Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just call me Betty Sue

Betty Sue Homemaker that is!

This is all of my hard work this weekend...

The kitchen full of it's dehydrator, crock pot, food processor, cutting board, strainers, and all of the fruit you could shake a stick at....

My fruit leather drying in the oven, the apple/pear blend turned out nicely - grape one, yeah that ended up in the trash!

The 3 loaves of bread I baked first thing Sat. morning, which have gone over beautifully with everyone!

And the 11 (should have been 12 but I dropped one on the floor, oops!) jars of apple butter I made Thurs. night....

Plus, Rose isn't even out of diapers and do you see this girl working the Swiffer! If only potty training was this much fun!

Plus we got our compost bin up and going, now if I can jsut get the right mix in there...I've been researching I hope I don't screw it up!

Saturday to do list:
Bake Bread - check
Make fruit leathers - check
Dry fruit - check
Apple Crisp - check, extra yummy, but needs cinnamon
Compost bin - check
Cleaning - (nothing)
Laundry - check, thank you Bodie!
Yard mowed - check, Thank you Bodie!

Sunday to do list:
Clean - does the basement count? I did get it cleaned and organized - woo hoo! But I'm so avoiding the kitchen and rest of the house, that's funny considering I just cleaned it a week ago!

We broke down and got some take out pizza and wings Thurs. night instead of making it at home, mainly b/c I wanted wings and was exhausted when we finally started to head home at 6:30. It was only $14 something, but the more I thought about it I was so irritated with my self because I could have made it all at home for like $5, oh well! Bodie says sometimes it is worth the "convenience fee" - my jury is still out on that....But Rose was cute with her wings!

I think we have now officially visited every park in Richmond! Rose loves the park and you talk about about a fight when the adults are ready to go home..Here are some pictures..

Finally a decent picture of me and my girl...


Ann Kelly Parkhurst said...

ok so you make fun of me but I have not tried fruit leather that always sounded hard but if you can do you know I better try too, so send the recipe my way :) everything looks good. with the sweet potato bread recipe I sent you I cook a bunch of of SP (peel and mash) and freeze in 2 cup baches so I can make a double batch when ever i need without haveing to get the potatoes ready. it takes a day or two defrost in the fridge. so when I use one batch I get the next out.

now if we could just get the boys to keep the kiddos we could really do damage. Still looking forward to a digging party too.

Ann Kelly Parkhurst said...

oh yeah, every girl needs a night off from cooking too and really when you work :)so don't knock your $14 but you know I LOVE TO EAT OUT so I can alwasy justify it or almost :)