Monday, September 1, 2008

Go, go, go

It seems like that is all we have done this week! Bodie and I have been working in the evenings down at the nursery for Dad and then I've had several meetings for the church, dinner out with the family one night, and it just seems like we haven't hardly taken a breather! But yesterday I did get a chance to clean the house before family came for dinner last night. And I must say I'm rather impresseed with myself! There is one problem spot in the kitchen and then the clothing volcano in the guest room, but other than that the house is pretty clean!!!

Bodie had to work this morning for a little extra overtime, but should be home around lunch time.

We are asking for some prayers about directions we should take...we've gone on our budget and are working it. But we are looking at getting Bodie on at my job if possible. Pro's : money - he'd make more than double what he is now, hours - 7-3:30, overtime if he wants to, Con's - he is told that he will get promoted next June at EKU (however, they've told him lots of things since he's started and very few of them actually worked out the way we were told) and he enjoys his job for the most part, Lexington - he would more than likely be in Lexington and there are no guarantees that I wouldn't be moved there too, so it would take 1 of us around 30-45 minutes to get back to Richmond if Rose was sick. Why are we thinking about this you ask? Mainly because we would like to have another child and that comes with atleast another $800/mth. that we don't see that we could afford anytime soon, not to mention the ability to pay of debt. We are going to be praying about it and ask for prayers, because if it is meant to happen then it will, if it's not, then God has a better plan ahead for us.

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