Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bread making and Rose

I've tried for several months to find the time to bake some of Kelly's bread but to no avail. However, I made myself do ALL the prep work this week and tonight I baked my first batch. We haven't cut into it yet, but it looks great and has smelled soooo yummy!!!

Rose has this thing she does where when we put on her glasses we say "Cool Chick" and throw up your hands like the Fonz! It's hilarious!

She's been getting in trouble quit a bit at daycare scratching the other children....After talking with her teachers today, I think she is trying to pick their noses! I don't know what we are going to do with her!


Ann Kelly Parkhurst said...

bread looks yummy you will have to try my flax wheat honey bread it is yummy too and has no sugar. I wil get you the other recipes you ask for too but not tonight :) just got home from a call night and need to work on dinner.

Ann Kelly Parkhurst said...

Ok so let me know how the bread was!!!

I tried to send a email several times and it would not go through so here are the goodies you asked about

If you don't know how to can and want to know let me know but I am just putting the reciepe here.


I use Mrs. Wages mix you can find at Ace in Richmond aslise 18. one bag of mix along with 1/2 cup of vinegar and 6 pounds of tomatoes make about 5 pints and it it yummy. I have a fresh salsa recipe but I like this mix better and it is about $2.50 for the mix of dried herbs and spices and if you go buy all the other stuff for other recipe it will cost more. all the directions are on the mix.

I can mine but you can also freeze or use within two weeks in the fridge.

Mrs. Wages also has a good dill and kosher dill pickle mix that is how I did my pickles and mom and dad liked them and did some too.

I tried Mrs. Wages spaghetti sauce but did not like it too much so below is what I have been doing.

about 10-12 lb. of tomatoes

bowl tomatoes until you see the first peel bust open (crack) then put the tomatoes in ice water. Peel and you can remove seeds if you like but I just keep mine. in.

blend in blender ( I dice about 1/3 to just make a little thicker)

In a BIG pot add tomatoes and the the following. It all needs to be VERY small, I put everything in my food processor for a min before adding to the pot.

2 carrots
1 onion
handful of fresh basil and handful fresh oregano ( can used dried too but don't over due it they get stronger as they sit)
I used some dried parsley but fresh would be great
half of head of garlic (peeled)
I put half a package of mushrooms too sliced.

bring to a lite bowl and cook for about 40 mins

I can min in a water bath for 40 mins. If you want to eat fresh or freeze you will need to cook it longer.