Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter Fun

A day late and a dollar short - I know. But we had such a good time last weekend over the Easter holiday. The Powers family came in from NC on Thursday and Kris and John came in on Fri. Then once the Lilley clan cleared out, the Land clan came in for lunch on Sunday! It was a whirlwind weekend, but we had such a great time catching up and visiting with everyone! Rose had her Easter Party at school on Friday...I think we had more family there then there were children! She had such fun, there was lots of "Rose over here! Rose look here!, etc".

It was also neat to see her interact with the other kids and her teachers, and I really think she is a well-behaved child (for the most parts - there are moments! ;-) ). Then on Saturday we took her to the Easter Eggstravaganza at the local park. There was horseback riding, cotton candy, inflatable playgrounds, candy/egg hunting, bubbles and more - a very good time was had by all!

Later that night the city has a wonderful service where for $15 you can have the Easter Bunny come to your house and deliver a stuffed bunny. At first I was worried as to how Rose would react b/c she had just warmed up to Santa, but she still was not very big on character animals. However, at the park she seemed good with the Easter Bunny - even giving him a hug - so I figured she would get a kick out of him/her coming to our house. Well she did, but honestly I don't know if she was more excited or the 10 adults standing around squealing as she giggled! Mom and Char even gave us a nice little rendition of "Here comes Peter Cottontail" to which the Easter Bunny ever so kindly hopped down our sidewalk! I don't know if Rose had more fun with the Easter Bunny or with Santa!

On Sunday after the NC crew headed home, Dad's family came over for Easter lunch. It was so wonderful to have my cousin's kids over and for all of the kids to get a chance to play together hunting eggs. Even though it was way past nap time for all - I think everyone had a good time! In my book Easter Weekend was a success!