Sunday, September 7, 2008

Apples and Grapes and Pears - OH MY!

So we've been very busy this weekend. Today after church we put out the rest of our Apple moth trap then went by Grandma's for some fresh fruit goodness....I never imagined all that I would end up with..

Lonnie and I got out the picker and went to town and that doesn't even touch what's still on the tree!

I think I'm going to try and make some fruit rollups and dry the fruits more than anything, mainly because I don't know anything about making jellies. However I would love to try and make some apple butter....mmmmm, that just sounds yummy!

Ok, so to back track to Friday we went to the Central vs. Southern game (we spanked them by the way!!! Go Indians!!). But before the game we had some extra time so we went by the park so Bodie could see how much fun Rose is starting to have

Yesterday Rose and I worked the Pottery Festival then went to Lexington to set out the rest of those traps (extra moolah...whoo hoo!). We did manage to stop in at Cold Stone for a little mommy and me ice cream time!

Today Bodie and I took her back to the Pottery Festival/Kid's Fest where she loved the Petting Zoo, hated the Giant Frische's Big Boy, played Plinko, went fishing, swinging and then kissed every animal was a hoot!

P.s. Have I mentioned lately that I think I married Super Dad? You should have seen him today at the pottery fest, he got us some lemonade and I took Rose on to go swing. He came walking up with the two lemonades, diaper bag on shoulder, and camera around neck - I told him he had officially crossed over to "Daddy world!"

I was so happy to get to spend the day with my wonderful husband, he has been working so hard lately in order to help us get ahead and I don't think he knows sometimes how much Rose and I both truly appreciate it! WE LOVE YOU DADDY!!!!


Ann Kelly Parkhurst said...

jelly is easy just google it and see what you find. the apples look really good too. I made some apple butter if you need some pointers but you will need a food meal. I got one at Ace for about $20

Ann Kelly Parkhurst said...

so what did you come up with all your goodies last week?