Thursday, September 20, 2007

Closing the Nursery

The auctions are over and done....good or bad, they are done. People are in the process of taking away what remains here at the garden center. We've all been working so hard for this week and I still don't know how we all feel about it, but one thing is for sure we are moving forward!
Grandma, me and Rose the last day we were open at the garden center.
Dad helping someone load up.
Miss Priss telling someone how it works!
The garden center before the auction.
Next week I head to insurance class in Lexington so that I can be prepared to get my license. Mom, Dad and Grandma are headed for a vacation next week up the New England Coast. Bodie and I are headed for a little white-water adventure next weekend. See...moving forward!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Intro to the Snells

The cousins all playing together!
Bodie, Rose and I stay busy, busy, busy! This past weekend we went to MCHS' first home football game (they won!), took a trip up to Owenton for Brandon's birthday, back to Richmond for EKU's home opener (they won!), then up to our friends' farm on Sunday for a little dove hunting! Needless to say we were all beat, but we did manage to snap a few pictures along the way!

She is her daddy made over!

She is poised and ready to start crawling!