Thursday, July 31, 2008

Busy already this morning

So since I start a new job on Monday and have to get up at the buttcrack of dawn...I've been practicing this week getting up, getting everyone going, and trying to be on time. I think we are going to be able to accomplishi it with Bodie's help and getting up just a little earlier - Eeek!

It has been kind of nice to get up and get going before the rest of the world and feel like I've already done so much - versus sleeping my day away. However I think I will look forward to sleeping in on Sat.!

I've been meaning to take my grocery bags that I have with me on my, what seems like 600, grocery trips this week and have continued to forget them. However this morning I remembered to pull them out of the corner of the garage...ready to go! Then realized at Wal-mart that I forgot them again....grrrhh! But I'm going to run back to Kroger at lunch b/c they were marking down their meat this morning and we are going grill out tomorrow night for Bodie's if I could get it a little cheaper I would be so excited!

I am going to definately do a better job of menu planning for this coming week b/c I feel like I've spent so much money this week. Here comes the Envelope System! Any favorite receipes would be greatly appreciated - especially for garden green beans, yellow squash, zucchini, potatoes, and tomatoes. I think I'm going to try and steal, I mean borrow!, Mom's dehydrator and try to dehydrate some potatoes....We like the Au Gratin potatoes and my little freezing and drying book says that they do ok...I'll let you know.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Too much I know....

So I told you I was going to try and be better about this....Twice in one day! I have a mile long to-do list and I haven't felt like I have gotten anything hardly accomplished on it, but I think I made great strides this afternoon. I went through all of Rose's clothes and seperated her closet into what she could still wear (24 month and up, some 18 month clothes still though...). I can't believe how many clothes this little girl has! And how many she has never even gotten to wear...which only goes right back to the livestye of living more frugally that Bodie and I are trying to start doing. Maureen, Randi and I are having a yard sale on the 23rd of the month and I know that baby clothes usually sell really well, so I'm thinking about going through her bins (yes she has 3 extra large clothing bins - 0-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-18 months chock full of clothes!) and getting out some clothes to sell. Bodie said go for it, so we will see.

I also got mine and Bodie's bathroom cleaned (and I mean cleaned - sink, toilet, and bathtub! Woo hoo for me!) - which for those of you who know me, you know how much I love cleaning so getting all of this done is a big accomplishment! Especially considering I didn't hardly even get started until around 3!

Sox (our new puppy) did really well about using the bathroom outside today - no accidents inside! I am amazed at how smart she is! Rose is still not completely sure of her at times...she loves Sox when she can pick her up and torment her, but not so much when Sox jumps on her! I don't know that I completely blame her because those puppy teeth hurt.

Last thing for the evening I got half the tree beds in the back yard sprayed with Round-up. I know this pretty much goes against every environmentally friendly thing I am trying to accomplish, but I just cannot stand weeds taking over my beds! Any ideas on a "green" method for complete weed eradication? We are going to look into the company around her that does "green" yard work and see if it is something that we can swing...we will see. Met the neighbors, they've got two younger kids - as do a lot of families in the neighborhood, which is really nice! - and they seemed super nice!

I did put new batteries in my camera and will hopefully be able to upload some pictures some cute ones of Sox and will hopefully have some nice ones of the house for everyone to see!

Will I ever catch up?

I have found a new passion for reading others' blogs which only makes me want to update ours more often! Bodie asked me the other day about our "blog"...."do we have one" he asked? Yes, I replied...."Does anybody look at it?"...No one besides Kelly (if I'm that lucky!) because I don't update it that much! So I am truly going to try and do better...which it really helps that we now have internet at the house!

We have moved in (sort of...there are still piles of crap everywhere!), and adopted a new dog on Sunday. She is 12 weeks old, a black lab mix named Sox and as soon as I have pictures (actually a camera that works) I will put some up! We are still looking for Loki, but wanted Rose and us to have a canine friend back in our lives.

Our lives have changed a little bit more here recently...I am starting a new job on Monday and leaving the insurance business. The pressure of sales quotas and the like proved to be more than I wanted or could handle right now. We want to have another child and decided that me being completely stressed out all the time was not the best way to attempt to bring another child into the world.

We are going to have to make some adjustments to our lives and we are both trying to bring ourselves on board. I have been reading lots of blogs about living frugally and have read Dave Ramsey's book "The Total Money Makeover" and we are going to concentrate very hard on learning to live within our means and reducing our debt. So any help or ideas would be much appreciated!

That's about it for now...I will try to update a couple of times a week...that's my goal!