Saturday, August 16, 2008

Perennials to divide

Below is the list of perennials that I have/know of at mom and dad's house that I will be trying to divide in a couple of weeks. If you want in on some of the action, just let me know! Also if you've got anything that you have to divide/give away, please let me know!

Patriot Hosta (sun tolerant) x 10
Mini Stella d' Oro daylillies (yellow - reblooming) x 3
Shasta Daisy (Leucanthemum is the latin name) x 1
Variegated Loosestrife (variegated leaf and yellow flowers) x 1
Black Jack Sedum (like Autumn Joy Sedum only the leaves are purple) x 3
Mexican Rocks Penstemon (pink flowers) x 1
Husker Red Beardtongue
Red Hot Poker x 2-3
Geranium 'Johnson's Blue' x 3
Phlox 2 varieties -1 & 2
Snowdrop Anemone x 2
Mystica Beardtongue x 3
Margurite Daisy x 3
Assorted Daylilies x 7-8 + 3
Assorted Iris x 7
Autumn Joy Sedum x 4

Anything over the quantity of 1 is probably ok for there to be a couple divisions. If there is something you are interested in let me know and I can see what we can get!


Ann Kelly Parkhurst said...

sign me up I will send a wish list on your email. I will be in Richmond in a couple weeks, I have company this week and next is Harrison's first week back at school but then I think we will be in town for a couple days.

The Snell Family said...

Let me know when and we can get together a digging party!

Ann Kelly Parkhurst said...

Looks Like I might be in town next Tuesday and Wed. and by the way I will be shipping the gift you asked for tomorrow since I am such a bad friend and just getting to it.

Ann Kelly Parkhurst said...

hey by the way I have a burp cloth and blanket done did you want a bib too?