Sunday, August 10, 2008

Big Weekend!

We've had a big weekend....we went to Owenton for the 127 Yard Sale (the longest yard sale in the US!) and we had a blast. I got some more Christmas presents and clothes for Rose for next year, but mainly it's just nice to spend some time with Bodie's family. We used to get up there a lot more but with job changes and stresses over the past year (not to mention our growing family) it has made it harder to get up there. So it has been wonderful the past two weekends with Lana and Fellar coming down and then us getting so spend some time with everyone up there.

Maureen came up on Sat. and she and I got to go around for a little for the soon-to-be little boy....and congrats to Joey and Randi for their annoucement! We will hopefully be preggers in the near future, but things are just not right for us yet.....Patience is a virtue or so I'm told....until then, we just a new puppy - I think that will suffice for a little while!

Below are some pictures from our weekend, I got to get to grocery listin!

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