Friday, November 7, 2008


Well, Rose has been sick since Tuesday, I started feeling bad yesterday and Mom and Dad started feeling bad today! Fun! Fun! So Bodie is on his way to Owenton because it is opening weekend of modern gun deer season (a national holiday in our house in case you were wondering!) and Miss Rose and I are staying here at home. I probably would have relaxed a lot more at MawMaw's but I hate to go up there and possibly get everyone else sick - especially if I don't know if I'm contagious. So we'll keep it close here and just take it easy (yeah right!) I have a feeling there will be lots of Wiggles watched! BTW, we ended up getting tickets to go see them next week - I think I'm more excited than Rose!

So we had a shower for our friends Maureen and Kevin last Sunday and had a blast. I think the best was watching the men try to suck chocolate milk out of a bottle for the Bottoms Up game....

We tried to take some family pics at the park this week, but the battery died on the not very many pics of us, but I did get some of Rose and some nature scenes (which is one of my favorite things to shoot anyways!).

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