Friday, October 31, 2008

48 graveyard cupcakes, 25 mummy dogs and one wonderful husband cooking!

This past week was EKU's homecoming and we had a blast. Friday night Rose stayed at Nana and Grandda's while Bodie and I got to have an adult/date night. We had a wonderful time catching up with Fridays and visiting - we are so blessed to have such wonderful friends all around us!

We also got to see Auntie K this weekend which was great, even if it was only for a little while...We miss her down in Atlanta so we love any chance that we get to spend time with her!

Then Bodie and I spent time cooking last night (about 3+ hours) to make some goodies for today! I am so lucky to have an amazing husband who works with me - even though I'm sure he'd like to strangle me 3/4's of the time!

Today was Rose's Halloween party at school - Bodie and I both went. I love being able to spend time with two that I love so much!

Then tonight we went Trick-Or-Treating after carving our pumpkins. Nana came out for all the fun....


Ann Kelly Parkhurst said...

too cute, your more creative than me right now)

Tom said...

Amber, Uncle Tom and I enjoyed looking at your pictures and catching up with what is going in in your life. I tried calling Anna Friday night to see what Rose was dressing up as for Halloween. I figured you guys were out trick or treating - but didn't figure on Anna being with you. Know you all had a ball!!! love you, aunt kathy