Thursday, July 31, 2008

Busy already this morning

So since I start a new job on Monday and have to get up at the buttcrack of dawn...I've been practicing this week getting up, getting everyone going, and trying to be on time. I think we are going to be able to accomplishi it with Bodie's help and getting up just a little earlier - Eeek!

It has been kind of nice to get up and get going before the rest of the world and feel like I've already done so much - versus sleeping my day away. However I think I will look forward to sleeping in on Sat.!

I've been meaning to take my grocery bags that I have with me on my, what seems like 600, grocery trips this week and have continued to forget them. However this morning I remembered to pull them out of the corner of the garage...ready to go! Then realized at Wal-mart that I forgot them again....grrrhh! But I'm going to run back to Kroger at lunch b/c they were marking down their meat this morning and we are going grill out tomorrow night for Bodie's if I could get it a little cheaper I would be so excited!

I am going to definately do a better job of menu planning for this coming week b/c I feel like I've spent so much money this week. Here comes the Envelope System! Any favorite receipes would be greatly appreciated - especially for garden green beans, yellow squash, zucchini, potatoes, and tomatoes. I think I'm going to try and steal, I mean borrow!, Mom's dehydrator and try to dehydrate some potatoes....We like the Au Gratin potatoes and my little freezing and drying book says that they do ok...I'll let you know.


Ann Kelly Parkhurst said...

you are on top of this blog thing :) if I can get my salsa and shower done while harrison naps I will try to type you up some goodies. On my sweet potatoes I boiled for about 3-5 mins. then sliced into fries, froze spread out on cookie sheets then once they were frozen moved them to bags that way I can pull out just a few without them all sticking togehter. I put them in the oven on 400 till they are tender and beginning to brown.

The Snell Family said...

Gotcha! I'm hoping Lonnie will have some sweet potatoes soon...I was going to go to the garden today, but I think I would sink!

Ann Kelly Parkhurst said...

what email are you using now?