Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Blahs....

So I haven't updated in awhile - I know, I know. We seem like we run ragged around here...whenever we aren't at work, we are running around town, cleaning the house, working on the yard or doing anything and everything else. We never seem to get caught up. I've been busy taking care of Rose who was sick and Bodie who has been down in his back. Mom has also been down in her back and is meeting with a surgeon this weekend. Bodie and I are both putting in as many hours as we can to save up/pay off things before the baby comes. Speaking of baby - they say it is a boy and William Kirtlee is the name that we've decided on. William after both of our paternal grandfathers and Kirtlee after Lana's dad, spelled with "lee" after Bodie and his dad. We try to cover as many bases as possible. I haven't taken any pictures lately - yeah I know slacking again. I will try to get some this weekend and start getting back on the ball.

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