Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Rose!

We have spent the past week getting ready to have our house turned upside down for Miss Priss' 2nd birthday party! We had about 30 people there and loved every minute of it! She had tons of friends and family who were there and our house has never looked better! Rose had soooo much fun, got too much stuff (although we are so very thankful to everyone!), and we had a blast getting to catch up with all of our friends too...Below are some pictures and I will try to post a video - but we will see how that goes!

Sorry I haven't posted lately, early to rise and early to bed so I'm lucky if I check my email! I've entered into month 3-4 and sickness is kicking in full doc's appointment is in a week and we will find out sex 1st of March...

Also some pictures from Christmas...yeah, I'm running behind. Welcome to my world.

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