Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Catch-up Time!

I feel like I'm always playing catch-up trying to keep this thing updated, but I guess that is the way it goes.

Well, we've gone whitewater rafting and had a blast! Bodie and I both did really good away from Rose for the weekend. That week my cousin, Micah, came in from NC. We just spent time lounging around that week - it was really nice. Once she went home, Bodie, Rose and I headed down to NC to go visit family and watch my cousin Orry play soccer for NC state. I could go on and on about what we did in Oct - NC, Atlanta to visit my sister and help her pick out a condo to buy, P&C school, L&H school, and anywhere else we could. It was the strangest feeling to be off for every weekend in Oct. for almost the first time in my life. We packed everything we could in!

Rise started getting her first 2 teeth in Oct. It really wasn't that bad - her sleep schedule has been messed up for awhile. We just keeping trying to stay with a routine. She also got this awful virus in Oct. and was puking for a week - it was the scairiest thing I have encountered since her birth.

Nov. 1st I signed my contract with Kentucky Farm Bureau and started my career as an insurance agent. So far so good - I really think that I'm going to love what I do! Mainly because I'm going to be helping people and helping to educate them. Since I started I've been in Lousville for a week and am now in Jackson, MS for a week to attend training to learn more about our insurance products. It's been really interesting and I'm enjoying learning everything I can.

Bodie has applied for a promotion at EKU - we are assured it is his but any prayers would be greatly appreciated!

Thanksgiving holidays were wonderful! We hustled back and forth between Richmond and Owenton and love getting to everyone! That Friday Mom, Kris and I headed out into the shopping nightmare - but we had such a wonderful time! That night Bodie called me and told me Rose had started crawling! I had waited all of this time and missed it (she'd probably been crawling at daycare for days, but that didn't matter) I started crying there in the middle of Lerner's. I didn't even get to see her that night b/c she was asleep by the time I got home. My birthday was that sat., 26, and it was great! I got to see Rose crawl- ok, it's a belly crawl but she's mobile!

While I've been away at training Bodie has taken care of Rose-he's been like super dad! Everybody compliments him so much when I get home, it makes me so proud.

The christmas parade is this friday and I am so excited to hopefully be home for it! My plane is supposed to get in at 5:20 on Friday and the parade starts at 7 so hopefully I will be able to make it! It'll be Rose's first parade and Kaylee, Brandon, JC and Cyndi are supposed to be coming down-say a little prayer for my plane so I make it!

I've got more to tell but I've been zoning out in class for over an hour now so I will try to update more later.

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Ann Kelly Parkhurst said...

glad to hear what is going on I hope to talk to you soon.